Founded in 2012 by artist Tucker Marder and director Christian Scheider, ARBORETUM is a production company housed by the Folly Tree Arboretum in Springs, New York.


Tucker Marder
Co-Founder, Artist
745 Springs Fireplace Rd.
East Hampton, N.Y. 11967

Christian Scheider
Co-Founder, Director
213 E. 26th Street
New York, N.Y. 10010

Parrish Art Museum Presents Kurt Vonnegut's "Galapagos" by Tucker Marder & Christian Scheider from arboretum on Vimeo.


"I was lucky enough to see Christian Scheider and Tucker Marder's inspired stage presentation of Kurt Vonnegut’s seriously zany Galápagos at the Parish Art Museum in Watermill. I am a big Vonnegut fan, so I attended this production with some apprehension. As it turned out, Scheider and Marder's blazingly original stage version of Vonnegut’s seemingly ‘unpresentable' tale was a dazzling interpretation of the spirit of the piece. The visual approach was stunningly original; immensely inventive, wild, and yet somehow always consistent and persuasive (and a miracle on a small budget!). The direction of the piece - and its performances - matched this strange mix immaculately. I was thrilled to have been present at such a vibrant and refreshingly imaginative presentation."

- Tony Walton - Oscar, Tony, Emmy & BAFTA Winning Designer

"With incredible courage, brio and imagination, Marder and Scheider took on an author's work and won. Over the top, throwing the kitchen, laundry and outdoor sink at it - just as Kurt Vonnegut did every time..."

- Vallejo Gantner - Artistic Director, PS122

"Scheider and Marder managed, in their recent adaptation of The Murderer by Ray Bradbury, to create a magical, memorable theatrical experience… “

- Trish Deitch - Theater Critic, New Yorker

“The best street art the Hamptons ever saw but more -- The Murderer's props comprise a museum worthy art installation, akin to the Guggenheims old James Joyce Liquid Theatre of long time ago.  Marder, Scheider and their gang are putting the "Happening" back into art.”

- Joe Pintauro - Playwright

The Murderer was a dizzying piece of theatrical wizardry shot through with youthful talent, wit, creativity and electric energy.”

- Mercedes Ruehl - Actress